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         Lethal Injection Studio,Largest selection of Quality Body Jewelry, at reasonable prices.

       The piercer's name is Shar. Shar is a well respected, female Body piercer who has been piercing since 2005. Shar has gained an enormous amount of respect, due to her love and passion for piercings, as well as fully trained and certified. Shar prides herself on providing a quality service in a safe and friendly environment, at affordable prices.  Shar is highly recommended by her customers, because not only does she have a natural talent for piercing , she will give you good sound, honest advice as well as the best possible customer care and service. 
       The atmosphere at Lethal Injection Studio is very friendly and relaxed, as well as minor friendly. She makes you feel at ease while getting your piercing. Shar will also take the time to explain any concerns you may have about getting your piercing, as well as going over all your aftercare before you leave. All of her customers would tell you that what sets her apart from the rest is the fact that she really does care about her customers.
        Lethal Injection Studio specializes in all aspects of body piercing including lip,navel,eyebrow,nose,tongue,all points of the ear, nipples, surface piercing and many other popular piercings, including dermal anchors and genital piercings. Shar is always looking for ways to improve her service and her studio. Part of her care, is to always put her customer's safety and comfort first. Shar would never deliberately do anything she thought was unsafe or unethical.        
       There are many body piercers out there who do NOT have your best interests at heart, so she strongly urges you to do your homework and research the piercer of the studio before you go there. If you are considering a body piercing or have concerns over an existing piercing, please feel free to call Shar or better drop in and speak to Shar in person, to have all you questions answered. 
                           Thank you, and come by and see us sometime. 
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